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General/Children's Dentistry

+   Ceramic Braces


+   Instant Braces


+   Invisalign & Invisalign Teen


+   Orthopedic/Neuromuscular  Orthodontic


+   Removable Orthodontics


Braces and Adult Orthodontics

There are various options available for adult orthodontics:


1. Invisalign

2. Ceramic braces

3. Removable orthodontics

4. Instant orthodontics


Having orthodontic work done will not only correct embarrassing dental flaws, but also help improve one's jaw, lip, and even nose profile with dramatic results -  without any need for surgery.

Lip and nose profile changed without surgery, because of orthodontic treatment that moved the teeth back. Lips appear smaller and thinner.

Nose appears more prominent than it used to, after orthodontic treatment was completed.